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Personal project

Here are some highlighted projects I have been involved in over the past few years. For a full list, check my GitHub

Dictionary Game

Dictionary Game is a Vue.js application created to improve my english vocabulary (fr/en). Words are stored in Firebase database.

Dictionary Game screenshots


gatsby-starter-morning-dew is a Gatsby theme and a starter for creating static blog/website. The code is written in React 16 and fetch data through a GraphQL API.

Features / highlights:

  • Write posts/pages in Markdown
  • Multilang support
  • PWA (including offline support)
  • Disqus comments support
  • css-in-js (with styled-components)

Lighthouse scores (locally :bowtie:)


GitVub (Github + Vue.js) is a Progressive Web App (PWA) based on GitHub API. User can fetch GitHub repositories and read files. An offline mode is also available.

GitVub Game screenshots


Docker-symfony is a complete stack to run a Symfony app into multiple containers (PHP7-FPM - NGINX - MySQL - ELK - REDIS) by using Docker compose. I’ve also written an article (in french sorry) to describes how everything works.

Docker-Symfony screenshots

Symfony Rest Beer Edition

Symfony Rest Beer Edition is an application to present REST’s best practices. The application uses PHP and Symfony 2.8 (LTS).

Features / highlights:

  • Fully tested;
  • HATEOAS Implementation;
  • Use plain olds HTTP verbs;
  • A self generated documentation with swagger format;
  • Symfony’s forms…