Hello World!

a picture of me

Hey, I’m Maxence Poutord, passionate software engineer, speaker, blogger and mentor. I started coding in my early age, at 11 with the QBasic language. 19 years later, I’m still coding (I just hope my code is better 😃).

After 2 years as an expat in Dublin, I became a digital nomad. I now live where the WiFi and the sun is 😎

What I do for a living

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at VSware where I am building software for education. I’m focusing on:

  • 🏗 Architecture. Scaling application, organising workflows.
  • 🧙‍♂️ Simplify complex process and make my co-worker’s life easier.
  • 🚦 Test. Defining strategies to effectively test a web app.
  • 💎 Code quality. I ❤️ crafting code.
  • 🏎 Performances. Because users want something fast!
  • 🗣 Tech trainer and public speaker.

What I do for fun

  • ✈️ Travel. Often. 9 countries and 14 cities for 2018.
  • 👨‍🍳 Cook. “I make the best pizza you ever tasted.” -Me
  • 🍺 Appreciate a Gin or a pint of beer (IPA or Belgian triples).
  • 📘 Learn new things. As a lifelong learner, I can’t imagine one day without learning something new!
  • 👨🏼‍💻 Play with code. Sometimes, it ends up in an open source contribution or a blog post!


Do you have a question regarding one of my projects? a blog post? …or something else?
Don’t be shy. Let’s talk. I do my best to be as accessible as possible.

Here’s how you can contact me: