Axios is a very popular library you can use to perform HTTP calls. Because it’s not framework specific, you can easily use it in your Vue.js / React / Vanilla applications.

But how do you test your application that has HTTP calls?

When it comes to testing, I always apply this simple rule: “Only mock what you can’t control”. Because we usually can’t control an external API, I recommend you to mock it.

The first time I had to test a functionality with an API call, I was surprised to see packages on npm for testing Axios calls. I don’t think we should rely on a npm package for something as simple as an API call.

Let’s do it without any package!

How to structure our code

I like to have a file where I have all my API calls. In a wink, I can get all the endpoints my application is using.

// src/services/swapi.api.js
import axios from 'axios'

export function getStarship(id) {
  return axios.get(`${id}/`)

Now in your test, you can do the following:

// test/your-test.js
import { getStarships, getStarship } from '../../src/services/swapi.api'
import fakeData from '../__fixtures__/swapi.getStarship.12.json'

beforeEach(() => {
  getStarship.mockResolvedValue({ data: fakeData })


Here are few interesting points:

  • I usually put my fake data in a __fixtures__ folder;
  • I like to get the URL path the file name;
  • I use an afterEach() statement to clean up mocks after each test.
// test/your-test.js
it('should do something', async () => {
  await render(App)

In your test you can, if it makes sense to you, add assertion with this call.

Working with code coverage?

Although I think you shouldn’t pay too much attention to your code coverage, you can add the following line in your jest.config.js:

// jest.config.js
module.exports = {
  collectCoverageFrom: [
    '!src/services/*.api.js',  ],

All files following this pattern in this folder will be ignored!

And that’s it for today :)

Maxence Poutord

About the author

Hey, I'm Maxence Poutord, a software engineer specialized in web technologies. In my day-to-day job, I'm working as a senior front-end engineer at Orderfox. When I'm not working, you can find me travelling the world or cooking.