Hey Dublin, I'm looking for a job!

Hi, my name is Maxence, a French software craftsman… or a web developer if you prefer. My main technologies are JavaScript and PHP.

Why I want to move in Dublin?

First at all, I really want a new challenge in my life. So, I’ve decided to move in Dublin (from mid-September 2016) in order to:

  • Improve my English. Every day, I read English blogs articles, write code in English… but I make a lot of mistakes. Over all, my spoken English isn’t fluent (I don’t speak with my French colleagues in English ;-) ).
  • Discover the Irish way of life (including culture, way of working…). World is big, life is short!

This first point is my priority. But don’t leave this page now, I’ve some advantages :-)

What can I do for you?

  • My work is one of my passions. The best proof is this blog, my Github… it doesn’t pay my bills. If I write code outside of my work, I’d also like writing code for you.
  • API Design: During my Software Architect degree, I’ve decided to write my dissertation on REST & SOA architectures. I’ve also wrote some posts (in French sorry).
  • Code quality enthusiast: Most common developers write code for machines. Like M. Fowler, I prefer write code that humans can understand. To do it, I try to follow the Clean Code principles, the Object Calisthenics advices and to build SOLID code. I also use CI tools and Tests (BDD or TDD).
  • (strong) Technology watch: I spend a lot of time on it: Twitter / meetup (local or not) / blogs / conferences (on Youtube).
  • Knowledge sharing. As a kind of sponge, I absorb a lot of information and tend to share it to my colleagues (after filtering it of course!). For example, I’m used to give talks, presentation and training. I also try to tweet things that I think relevant and I blog sometimes.

I know, my English level can be a barrier… but trust me: I am highly motivated to work on it, to rob out this drawback!


You can found my resume here.


If you are interested in hiring me, then please contact me: